Every local councillor has been prayed for by name at a prayer service in The Braid Town Hall in Ballymena

Ballymena Town Hall
Ballymena Town Hall

EVERY councillor in Mid & East Antrim Borough Council has been prayed for “by name” at a special prayer service in the council’s headquarters in Ballymena.

The service took place in recent weeks but a statement has just been issued by the organising group – Ballymena ‘House of Prayer’.

The statement said: “Our prayer service at the Braid on 5th October went really well.

“There was a good turnout of around 35 people from a wide range of churches in the town.

“Every councillor in the Borough was prayed for by name as well as the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chief Executive and Senior Management Team,” said the statement.

Before the event the group had said in an earlier statement: “God knows our town and Borough and politicians need all the prayer they can get at this time.

“We want to pray for all those elected and charged with the responsibility of leading and administering our Borough.

“The theme of the service is ‘A Heart Cry for Mercy for the Land’. We will be asking God to have mercy on us and help us as individuals, communities and nation, to bring healing and restoration to broken lives and communities in our town, borough and land.”

The group’s earlier statement had added: “The prayers will be structured but informal, and will include worship, Bible readings, guided prayers and a time for open prayer for the work of the Mid & East Antrim Borough Council, in particular all councillors, the senior management team, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. All are welcome.”

‘Ballymena House of Prayer’ is an inter-church prayer group which started in 2010 and it involves people from a number of different churches.

They have held prayer meetings in 19 different churches in the Ballymena area and also in schools, vacant shops and even Ballymena Police Station.

Recently the group said they “love Ballymena” and want the area to prosper and for the “community to be cohesive and free of violence”.

Regarding the Town Hall service, the group said: “We believe God is interested in politics and wants good governance in place”.

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