Frew says Britain First are ‘trying to raise the temperature’ in Ballymena

Paul Frew
North Antrim DUP MLA Paul Frew.

NORTH Antrim DUP MLA Paul Frew says Britain First is “trying to raise the temperature” by coming to Ballymena at a time when the migrant issue is in the news.

On Monday night he said: “I have been warning folk in my statements of late about sinister elements looking in on Ballymena waiting their chance.”

He said Britain First members came to his constituency office in Ballymena two weeks ago when he was out and claimed his staff, and daughter who was waiting to get a lift home from school, felt intimidated.

Mr Frew was speaking after a video circulated on social media on Monday showing Britain First representatives – including leader Paul Golding – entering his office and asking to speak to him.

Mr Frew said Britain First had not shown all the video taken in his office.

In the video, leader of the far-right group Paul Golding said that Britain First were planning to hold a campaign and day of action in the area after concerns around the number of immigrants moving to Ballymena.

Mr Golding also made claims in the video regarding the DUP.

Writing on his Facebook page Mr Frew said: “These people are trying to raise the temperature in Ballymena even more than it is at present.

“I have been warning folk in my statements of late about sinister elements looking in on Ballymena waiting their chance.

“The DUP councillors on Mid & East Antrim Borough Council do sterling work for the people of Ballymena and do not deserve to be slurred in this way.

“When elected representatives do constituency work the cases they deal with are confidential. They have been working tirelessly alongside me to get answers for people concerned with the immigration issue currently gripping the town.”

Mr Frew called the ‘Britain First’ video – in which reference was made regarding migrants and housing – as “fake news”.

He said: “Council have today issued a fact sheet which includes information from some of the agencies.

“Housing Executive has confirmed last quarterly figures show that of the 2,410 persons registered on the Waiting List for Mid & East Antrim Borough Council Area 5.07% are Persons from Abroad.

“Of the properties allocated in the preceding 12 months, 2.5% were allocated to Persons from Abroad.

“It’s important that these facts get out to the people concerned with the levels of immigration in order that people know the truth and can challenge the false narratives being peddled by people who have no intention of working in the best interest for Ballymena,” Mr Frew said.

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