Tribute paid to photographer Mark Jamieson at Ballymena Court

Mark Jamieson
Mark Jamieson

A tribute has been paid at Ballymena Magistrates Court to photographer Mark Jamieson who passed away at the age of 60.

Barrister Michael Smyth said: “He will be fondly remembered here in Ballymena and will be sadly missed”.

Mr Jamieson, who was from Coleraine, covered courts in his home town, Ballymena and Antrim as part of his varied workload as a photographer.

At Ballymena Court on August 16 Mr Smyth, who had attended Mr Jamieson’s funeral in Coleraine the previous day, said he hoped the photographer’s family might gain some comfort from hearing how highly regarded he was.

Mr Smyth said Mr Jamieson had been well spoken of at his funeral which was attended by hundreds of people.

In giving his tribute, the barrister said he was speaking on behalf of the legal profession in Ballymena.

District Judge Nigel Broderick, who only took up his post in Ballymena recently, said he had not known Mr Jamieson but said he was obviously “well respected” and he echoed Mr Smyth’s comments and joined him in passing on his condolences.

G4S staff, who carry out security duties at the court, also wished to pass on their sympathy to Mr Jamieson’s family.

A similar tribute from members of the legal profession had also been paid to Mr Jamieson at Coleraine Magistrates Court on August 13.

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