Hi-tech equipment deployed in bid to help Ballymena town centre traders

Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 10.41.30 PM
A street scene in Ballymena. Picture – Google Maps.

A HI-TECH fightback is underway in Ballymena town centre with technology being deployed in a bid to secure an advantage at a time when internet purchases are hitting  traditional shop-based traders.

‘Ballymena Daily’ can reveal that technology is being used in Ballymena to analyse just how many people are popping into the town centre.

The data means the exact number of people in the town at any given time of the day can be examined and businesses can then act accordingly.

Mid & East Antrim Borough Council has approved the renewal of a licence for three footfall counters in Ballymena town centre.

Councillors were told the cost is £8,400 per year and the outlay has remained static for the last four years.

A Council spokesman told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “Council views town centres as key economic drivers for our local economy.

“The economic health of a town is measured by key performance indicators, one of which can be footfall. This term is the number of people using our centres.

“Counters are commonly used in retail and shopping centres.

“Council has footfall counters in a number of locations. The core aim is to measure trends by comparing data week on week, month on month, year on year. It works by beam recording into town and out of town direction giving a total.

“There is a license for the technology and presenting of data back to the Council and an app to measure specific things like 6pm on a certain date to 3pm on another date to interrogate data/events etc.”

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