Hospital patient attacked police officers because he was ‘bored’

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A hospital patient was asked why he attacked police officers and he said: “Because I was bored”.

Christopher Sean Joseph McAuley (43) of Glentaisie Drive, pleaded guilty to two charges of assault when he appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court on February 4.

The court heard police attended hospital where handcuffs and limb restrains had already been placed on the defendant because he had attempted to escape.

The two officers were keeping watch and as he appeared to be “calm and polite” McAuley had the handcuffs removed at 8am.

At 11.30am the defendant stood up and said: “Let’s go outside” and then walked over the officers and said: “Let’s f**king do this” before he punched an officer in the face.

The officers were unable to restrain the defendant as he attempted to headbutt both officers and they had to press an emergency button.

The court was told nurses were “quite frightened” by what was happening and eventually police restrained the defendant with handcuffs.

When asked why he had assaulted police, he replied: “Because I was bored”.

Defence barrister Thomas McKeever said a psychiatric report had been prepared on the defendant.

Deputy District Judge Peter Magill said it was “extremely violent behaviour”.

He said he recognised the defendant required medication to maintain his “mental equilibrium” but at the time of the offences he had not been taking medication.

The judge said: “That is almost certainly what caused the whole thing.”

The defendant confirmed he is now taking medication.

McAuley was given a three month jail term, suspended for two years.

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