Ian Paisley welcomes call for renewed focus on public transport

NORTH Antrim MP Ian Paisley has welcomed the comments from Translink Group chief Executive Chris Conway about a renewed focus on public transport.

The DUP MP said: “Support and investment in public transport is key for the future development of Northern Ireland. We can see that when attractive public transport options are provided then people vote with their feet and usage increases.

“One of the best ways to improve public transport is to invest in new fleet. This provides benefits in terms of fuel efficiency and emissions but provides improvements to the public in terms of comfort and safety.

“For buses in particular such investment is hugely beneficial. Because of the partnership with Wrightbus locally such investment also helps to sustain local employment.

“Northern Ireland is a largely rural area and there will always be a need for car usage, but proper investment in public transport delivers real and tangible benefits for everyone.”

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