Is the ‘Beast of Ballybogey’ on the prowl again?

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BIG CAT COUNTRY?…Police said they received a report of a ‘large black suspicious looking animal’ in the Garry Forest area between Ballymoney and Dervock. Picture – Google Maps.

IS the infamous ‘Beast of Ballybogey’ on the prowl again?

The PSNI in Ballymoney tonight have said: “Earlier today we received a report of what has been described as a large black suspicious looking animal in the Garry Forest area, Conagher Road area of Ballymoney!

“It goes without saying that if you see this animal in the area, please do not approach it! Instead, give us a call on 101, quoting reference number 838 25/10/18.”

Social media has gone into meltdown with the story tonight.

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Could a ‘large cat’ be out there?

Locals are asking if it could be the return of the ‘big cat’ which was reportedly spotted a number of times in 2003 and there were further reported sightings in 2007 and 2012.

The story made national headlines and the alleged creature was dubbed ‘The Beast of Ballybogey’ as Ballybogey seemed to be the centre of its alleged presence.

It is only about three and a half miles from Garry Forest to Ballybogey.

In 2003 police marksmen and a helicopter were drafted in after several eyewitness reports of what many believed to be a black panther roaming freely in the countryside.

The animal was said to be about the same size as an Alsatian dog – but more muscular and much faster.



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