Man accused of stealing DIY equipment is banned from ‘The Range’ in Ballymena as part of his bail conditions, a court on Saturday was told

Ballymena Courthouse4
Ballymena Courthouse

A man appeared at court in Ballymena on Saturday morning accused of stealing razors worth £50 and DIY equipment worth £47 from ‘The Range’ in Ballymena.

Kaspars Plostnieks (25), of Prospect Place, Ballymena, is also accused of having a foil-lined bag for use in theft.

The defendant, originally from Latvia, confirmed he understood the charges.

A police officer said he believed he could connect the accused to the charges.

A prosecuting lawyer said there was no issue with bail.

District Judge Liam McNally freed the defendant on his own bail of £500 to appear back at the court on June 28.

The bail conditions include residing at Prospect Place and the defendant is also banned from entering ‘The Range’ in Ballymena.


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