Man allowed friend to drive his Audi A4 without insurance

Ballymena Courthouse6
Ballymena Courthouse

A man who admitted allowing a friend to drive his Audi A4 without insurance had gone out intending not to drink but had then consumed alcohol.

Ballymena Magistrates Court heard it claimed that the man’s friend was “under pressure” to get home and the friend got behind the wheel.

Barry Speirs (26), of Orkney Drive, Ballymena, had the insurance offence detected at Queen Street in the town on February 22 this year.

Defence solicitor Emma McCann said her client’s original intention was that he was not going to drink but “succumbed to peer pressure”.

She said a friend was “under a lot of pressure to” to get home and then drove.

For permitting no insurance the defendant was banned from driving for a month and fined £200.

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