Man binges on Buckfast and re-offends within hours of getting out of jail

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A man who binged on Buckfast after being released from jail was put off a train for racially abusing a male and then punched and bit police officers whilst saying he had been in prison more times than they had Sunday dinners.

Declan Brian Patrick McCann (28), of Brook Lodge, Ballinderry, caught a train from Bellarena Station after being released from nearby Magilligan Prison on September 24, 2018, but within hours he was back in trouble.

He appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court via video link from Maghaberry Prison, and admitted charges of assaulting two policemen and being disorderly in Coleraine.

A prosecutor said McCann was put off a train at Ballymoney “for racially abusing an Asian male”.

Passengers were said to have been “relieved” when drunk McCann was ejected.

He had been described as being “out of it” and railway staff suspected he may have come from Magilligan Jail as he had boarded at Bellarena.

Police located McCann in Ballymoney and he confirmed he had just been released from prison and had then taken drink and was trying to get to Moira Station.

Railway officials said he was barred from using their services and police then took him to Coleraine Bus Station but at 4.30pm police received another report that McCann was drunk and causing a disturbance by shouting abuse whilst at Coleraine Train Station.

Police found him and he was acting aggressively and swearing loudly in front of members of the public including children.

McCann clenched his fists and squared up to police saying: “Don’t try and take my human rights away from me. You are no older than me and I have been in jail more times than you have had Sunday dinners”.

The defendant punched an officer in the face and bit another officer on the wrist who also suffered a sprained thumb.

Defence barrister Francis Rafferty said McCann’s record, and his behaviour on the day in question, “does him little credit”.

The lawyer said when released from jail McCann had immediately bought himself some Buckfast and “lost the run of himself” and wished to apologise.

Deputy District Judge Peter Magill said it was “simply appalling behaviour” and added: “You had just been released from prison that day.”

He added: “There is no excuse for racial abuse and it simply will not be tolerated in this court”.

The judge said police had done the defendant a favour by taking him to the bus station but McCann had continued to behave in a disorderly fashion in a crowded area where there were children before he punched one officer and bit another.

Judge Magill noted the defendant had 52 previous convictions and jailed him for four months.

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