Man claims he was using cannabis for pain relief after his leg got impaled on a fence

Ballymena Court.

A Larne man caught with cannabis was using it for pain relief following an accident when his leg was impaled on a fence, his lawyer has told Ballymena Magistrates Court.

Stephen Richard Woodage (31), of Latharna House, was caught with the drug at 11pm on September 3 this year.

A prosecutor said police were tasked to Latharna House about an unrelated matter and Woodage was then searched and a small amount of cannabis resin recovered from his trousers pocket.

Woodage told police it was for his own use.

The defence lawyer said Woodage had been off heroin for five months and that the small amount of cannabis was for pain relief “following a quite serious accident when his leg was impaled on a fence”.

District Judge Nigel Broderick placed the defendant on Probation for a year with conditions including attending drug counselling.

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