Man is left with brain injuries after dog spooks horse

Coleraine Courthouse3

A MAN suffered brain injuries after being dragged by a runaway horse which was spooked by a dog, a court heard on Monday.

Simon Fleming (44), of Somerset Drive in Coleraine, was badly injured last spring just months after he got into trouble with police when he had claimed he was using a horse whip whilst out looking for the same dog.

On February 16 last year police were in the area dealing with another matter when a drunk Fleming approached and told officers if they tried to gain entry to a property he would “kill” them and that they would have to “go through me to get into the house”.

Fleming then waved a horse whip above his shoulders and despite being warned to drop it he approached police who used CS spray on him.

The defendant ran off and despite being caught he attempted to break free again.

Fleming told police he had been alerted that a dog was lose and he claimed he had the horse whip to try and retrieve the pet.

The defendant appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday via video link from prison and pleaded guilty to charges of possessing a horse whip as an offensive weapon; disorderly behaviour and resisting a police officer.

Defence barrister Alan Stewart said police were looking for another individual and Fleming said that person was not present and officers said they were going through his property to get to other premises.

The lawyer said Fleming never used the horse whip against police

Mr Stewart said in a “very unfortunate twist of fate” two months later the same dog spooked a horse causing it to drag the defendant which results in brain injuries.

District Judge Liam McNally jailed Fleming for three months on the new offences and activated a suspended sentence to give a total of eight months in jail.

The judge said the defendant had armed himself with a horse whip and put police in fear that he was going to attack them.

The defendant was granted £500 bail for appeal.

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