Man is ordered to do unpaid work to ‘put some discipline into his day’

Coleraine Courthouse

When a court heard a man was doing some “voluntary work” to have some structure in his life, a judge then said he would “put some discipline into his day” by ordering him to do 100 hours of unpaid work.

District Judge Liam McNally was speaking to Alan Robert Michael Monaghan (41), with an address at Lodge Road, Coleraine, who was being sentenced for stealing a £40 Amazon Firestick from Maplin and converting it as criminal property.

The defendant pleaded guilty to the offences.

Judge McNally said the defendant had an “appalling record” and didn’t seem to learn even though he had been in and out of prison.

Defence lawyer Don Mahoney accepted the latest matters occurred a matter of weeks after his client had been released from jail after a ten months stretch.

The lawyer said his client had very significant addiction problems in the past with opiates and other drugs but had been referred to various organisations.

He said his client is seeking a house in the Heights area of Coleraine away from the Simon Community and is “doing some voluntary work at the minute” because “he wants some structure in his day”.

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