Man phoned 999 saying he was stranded in Larne and demanded lift to Belfast. When request was refused he said he would commit a crime to get PSNI to leave him home. It has led to a four months jail term

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Ulster Bank in Larne. Credit: Google Maps.


A man phoned the 999 emergency number claiming he was stranded in Larne and needed a lift to Belfast and when his request was refused he said he would commit an offence and police would then have to take him.

Neil Alexander Fullerton (43), with an address at Centenary House, Victoria Street, Belfast, proceeded to break a window at the Ulster Bank in Larne on the morning of Saturday April 28 this year which cost almost £600 to repair.

He appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday for sentencing on a charge of criminal damage and was jailed for four months.

The court heard that after smashing the glass the defendant presented himself at Larne Police Station to say what he had done.

A prosecutor said that earlier on the date in question the defendant had phoned the 999 number to say he was “stranded” in Larne and needed a lift back to Belfast.

A defence lawyer said the defendant “realises the stupidity of his behaviour”.

The court heard the offence was in breach of a prison release licence and curfew and alcohol conditions had also been breached.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said: “It’s a bit of a rash thing to go breaking a window worth nearly £600 to get a lift back to Belfast”.

The judge said the defendant had a “bad record for criminal damage”.

Jailing the defendant for four months, Judge Broderick said it was a “blatant, pre-meditated, act of breaking a window and you did it to get a lift back home with the police which is totally unacceptable”.

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