Man secreted drugs down his trousers after being paid a visit in prison

Magilligan Prison. Picture - Google.
Magilligan Prison. Picture – Google.

A judge said courts take a dim view of people trying to smuggle drugs into jails after a prisoner was caught “secreting” cannabis down his trousers after he was paid a visit at Magilligan Prison.

Henry Hayes (24), with an address at Orchard Street in Belfast but who has links to Ballymena, was detected with a “matchbox-size” block of cannabis after receiving a visitor to the jail in December 2016, Ballymena Magistrates Court heard on Thursday.

A prosecutor said prison officers recovered a block of cannabis after it was suspected a visitor had passed it to Hayes.

CCTV showed the defendant had picked up an item which he had “secreted” after putting his hands down his trousers.

The drugs fell out during a search.

In response to District Judge Nigel Broderick, the prosecutor said there was no information on the file regarding the visitor.

Handing down a four months sentence to Hayes, Judge Broderick told him it was a serious offence “when you start to bring drugs into a prison”.

Judge Broderick said courts take a “dim view” of anyone trying to bring in drugs to prison either for their own use or for others.

He added: “Prisons should, ideally, be a drug free environment.”

Hayes was released on £500 bail pending appeal after being given a four months sentence.

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