Man suffered fractures nose and eye socket fractures and attempt was allegedly made to bite off part of his ear during a ‘proposed drug deal gone wrong’

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A man suffered fractures to his nose and eye sockets and an attempt was made to bite part of his ear off during a “proposed drug deal gone wrong” in Antrim, a court heard on Monday.

The 21-year-old victim claimed he had contacted one of the accused via ‘Messenger’ to buy Ecstasy and went to a communal area at a block of flats at Barra Street in the Springfarm estate on the morning of Saturday October 6, Coleraine Magistrates Court was told.

Three men appeared in the dock in handcuffs – Martin Valliday (20), of Barra Street; Jamie Kinley (20), of nearly Mull Road and Kevin Daniel Valliday (22) of no fixed abode.

They are each charged with robbing the victim of £20 cash and maliciously causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Martin Valliday is further charged with possessing cannabis on the same date.

A police officer said she believed she could connect the defendants to the charges.

The Vallidays did not make any application for bail.

The police officer opposed a bail application by Kinley.

She said that at 10.25am on Saturday October 6 police received a report of a disturbance at a communal hallway at a block of flats at Barra Street.

When they got there they found blood and a broken beer bottle.

The injured man was in Antrim Area Hospital and he told officers he made contact with Martin Valliday through ‘Messenger’ wanting to buy the drug Ecstasy.

An arrangement was made to meet in Springfarm and when they met on Saturday morning, the victim said Martin Valliday said he did not have the drugs on him.

Once inside the hallway, the victim said he was subjected to an “unprovoked and sustained” attack by three males and was repeatedly kicked and punched before having £20 taken from him by Kevin Valliday.

The man said he was hit on the back of the head with a beer bottle.

He said Kevin Valliday had bit him on the ear whilst saying: “I have nearly got it”.

The man told police Kinley hit him three times on the head with a brick before throwing it at him.

The police officer said the man suffered a number of cuts and required eight stitches to a head wound and stitches to an ear.

He had an eye injury and fractures to both eye sockets and nasal bone.

The police officer said that during interview Kinley denied knowing the injured party and denied being present, saying he was at home all day.

Defence barrister Aaron Thompson said he believed the injured man had travelled from the Toome area.

“The allegation is that its a proposed drug deal done wrong,” said the lawyer.

He said Kinley denied being involved.

District Judge Peter King refused Kinley bail saying the allegation was of “gross violence in the context of a drugs transaction gone wrong”.

All three accused were remanded in custody to appear at Antrim Magistrates Court at the end of October.

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