Man was drinking red wine outside police station and told officers he was ‘Peter Pan’

ColeraineCourt7 - Edited

A man who was drinking red wine outside Coleraine Police Station just hours after being released from custody then swore at PSNI officers saying he was “Peter Pan”.

Clint Jonathan Morrow (36), of Coleraine Road in Portstewart, appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to being disorderly on October 8 this year.

A prosecutor said police were made aware of an intoxicated man outside Coleraine PSNI Station and Morrow refused to leave the area and go home and was arrested for being ‘simple drunk’.

He told police he was “f–king Peter Pan” before shouting and swearing at 4.30 in the afternoon and was in earshot of members of the public and a school.

Defence barrister Michael Smyth said his client had been released from custody that day and only lasted a few hours before drinking red wine and he had probably taken up the worst place to loiter by being outside the Police Station.

He said Morrow was so intoxicated it took until 10am the next day for the defendant to be sober enough to be charged.

District Judge Liam McNally noted the defendant was being verbally abusive and was “impersonating Peter Pan”.

The judge said the extent of the disorderly behaviour did not meet the threshold of a custodial sentence and fined Morrow £100.

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