Man was screaming: ‘I’ll kill you’

ColeraineCourt9 - Edited
A Coleraine man who set up a football club in the town has been given a suspended jail sentence for screaming “I’ll kill you” whilst throwing objects outside a dwelling in the town at 1am on September 26 this year.

Joel William Thomas McDonald (35) of Lisnablagh Road, appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday for sentencing on a charge of being disorderly at Rosemary Place.

A prosecutor told the court that when police spoke to McDonald he smelt of intoxicating liquor and when interviewed he said had been at Patsy’s Bar after being at football and had six pints and six shots.

The court heard McDonald originally claimed he had gone to Rosemary Place to check on a friend who lived near the injured parties.

The defendant had 33 previous offences.

Defence solicitor Denise Gillan said he defendant established and played for a football club and as part of that was doing a lot of work for the community.

She said McDonald had “received a death threat” which was a “very amateurish affair” which he had not taken “particularly seriously” which had made reference to a window being broken in a previous incident and the defendant considered he was being blamed in the wrong.

She said although McDonald had a record he had “changed his lifestyle”.

The defendant was given a two months jail term, suspended for two years, and was also made the subject of a two year Restraining Order in connection with individuals who live at Rosemary Place.

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