Man who bit former partner on the cheek and also ripped radiator off wall in blood-covered kitchen is jailed

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A man who bit his former partner on the face and also ripped a radiator off a wall in a blood-covered kitchen was jailed for seven months on Monday.

James Robert Montgomery (25), with an address at Waring Street in Ballymena, had been at the home of his ex-partner in Coleraine in the early hours of March 3 this year when violence flared.

He had previously pleaded guilty and was at Coleraine Magistrates Court for sentencing on charges of assaulting his former partner thereby occasioning her actual bodily harm and also causing criminal damage to her radiator.

A defence lawyer said there had been an “impassioned plea” by the woman for Montgomery to be spared jail but putting the defendant behind bars, District Judge Peter King said he had an obligation to the public to jail the defendant who had been on a suspended sentence for a previous relevant offence.

Regarding the incident before Monday’s Court, a prosecutor said police had received a report from the Ambulance Service that they were responding to a call in Coleraine that two people had head injuries and the attacker was still in the property.

The ex-partner told police Montgomery had bitten her on the face which was “busted”.

She screamed at police: “Get him to f–k out of my house”.

Officers saw a radiator lying in a kitchen and there was “blood all over the floor”.

Montgomery was arrested and was aggressive towards police while being handcuffed.

The injured woman went to the Causeway Hospital for treatment and got six staples to a head wound and she also had a bite mark on her left cheek.

The court heard that at the time of the incident there was another man in the house and that Montgomery had originally faced other charges.

The ex-partner told police that Montgomery started trouble “out of a jealousy thing” and after a physical altercation in the kitchen with the other man the defendant had ripped the radiator from a wall.

A prosecutor said a knife was seized by police.

The court heard Montgomery then fell asleep for a time and police were called.

The defence lawyer said there had been an argument between Montgomery and the man and the ex-partner’s injuries were sustained when she became involved.

He said the defendant regretted the incident.

Jailing Montgomery, Judge King said photos of injuries didn’t do justice to the level of violence “meted out” and he said domestic violence was an aggravating factor.

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