Man who swore at consultant at Causeway Hospital is told if there had been physical violence he would have been jailed, court heard today

Coleraine Courthouse

A man who swore at a hospital consultant has been put on Probation and told if there had been any physical violence during the incident at Coleraine’s Causeway Hospital he would have been jailed.
Owen McDonagh (25), with an address at Lodge Road, Coleraine, admitted a charge of being disorderly at the hospital on May 3 this year.
Later, on the same date, he resisted a police officer in the execution of his duty an had also pleaded guilty to that charge.
A prosecutor told Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday police were called to deal with a disruptive person at the hospital in Coleraine in the early hours.
It was heard that McDonagh told a consultant: “Get back here you c**t” before pointing at the medic and repeating the phrase.
When arrested he continued to be aggressive and abusive at a police station and threatened to attack anyone who came near him.
Defence solicitor Don Mahoney said: “On the night in question he had taken a considerable amount of drugs. He would state that was an attempt to self-harm and its in that context that this absolutely disgraceful behaviour took place”.
At Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday June 4, District Judge Liam McNally told the defendant the behaviour in the hospital “crossed the line”.
He said a court would normally impose a custodial sentence for such “appalling behaviour” but he took into account the defendant’s guilty plea and clear record and noted McDonagh was engaging with an addiction centre.
He put McDonagh on Probation for a year and added: “Had there been any physical violence with the doctor then you would have been going straight to prison”.

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