McGuigan calls on people of Ballymena to reject Britain First’s ‘hate-filled politics’

Philip McGuigan
Philip McGuigan

Sinn Féin’s North Antrim MLA Philip McGuigan is calling on the people of Ballymena to ignore the “hate-filled politics” of Britain First.

Britain First have posted a video of their leader Paul Golding and other members in Ballymena.

Their appearance follows an increase in tensions in Ballymena surrounding aspects of immigration.

Mr McGuigan said: “I would urge people to ignore the dangerous rantings of this group. They have little concern for Ballymena or its people.”

He said Britain First “seem intent in trying to exploit the current situation to peddle” their own views “in an attempt to turn the local community against those from outside Ireland who wish to make Ballymena their home”.

Added Mr McGuigan: “The statutory agencies must be allowed to do their job to de-escalate the situation in Ballymena. I have no doubt if given the space and time this will happen and calm can be restored.

“There are lots of inaccurate and hysterical comments about immigration and foreign communities being posted on social media. This is wrong, unhelpful and only adds to the hysteria.

“Ballymena, the local community and the local economy have all benefited from the contribution of foreign nationals. This mutually beneficial relationship is something that can and should continue.”

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