Michelin closure announcement in Dundee sees city’s newspaper reporting from Ballymena to see how we are coping after similar factory shutdown


Following an announcement that the Michelin plant is to close in Dundee, the city’s Courier newspaper sent a reporter to Ballymena to see how the Michelin closure here affected the town.

FRONT PAGE NEWS…Former Michelin Athletic Club employee Charlie Havelin pictured in his recently opened pub.

The stories are being featured in the paper this week and Ballymena is front page news in Dundee.

DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD…The Courier in Dundee puts the spotlight on Ballymena following the closure of the Michelin factory here and the imminent closure of Michelin in the Scottish city.

Click on the link below for a Courier video which features former Michelin Athletic Club employee Charlie Havelin who now runs a bar at the corner of William Street and Broughshane Street.



To read the Courier story, copy and past this link:

Special report part I: How are former Michelin workers in Northern Ireland coping with the loss of their plant?


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