Officer injured after PSNI patrol vehicle rammed and ‘almost pushed into water’ in Carnlough

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The incident happened close to this slipway at Carnlough Harbour.

A police officer has been injured after the vehicle he was driving was rammed at the side of Carnlough Harbour.

An incident occurred shortly before 1am today.

Inspector Peter Duncan explains: “The officer was conducting a proactive patrol in the High Street and Harbour areas when he noted a vehicle he found suspicious.

“He approached the silver Jeep, positioning his unmarked police car in front of the suspect vehicle. He was attempting to alight when his patrol vehicle was rammed and almost pushed into the water. The Jeep then made off at speed.

“The officer immediately followed the suspect car but was forced to abandon his efforts due to the extensive damage that had been caused to the police vehicle.

“The Jeep was later found abandoned and has been seized for forensic examination. The injured officer sustained bruising and whiplash type injuries but continued with the rest of his shift.

“I would commend the officer concerned for both his bravery and resilience and wish him a speedy recovery.”

East Antrim DUP MLA Gordon Lyons said on Friday: “This is sinister attack on the police.

“Carnlough is a town that many tourists pass through and this type of activity is totally unwelcome.

“We do not know the full circumstances of this incident, however the police should not be intimidated while on their patrol.

“They are there to uphold law and order and to protect the honest, hard working citizens that live here.

“Again on this occasion we must praise the police officer involved for his courageous actions last night. We also wish him a speedy recovery from the injuries he sustained.

“It is vitally important that anyone with information on those that perpetrated these actions comes forward to the police.”

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