People put off train on July 12 in Ballymena and woman with 150 previous convictions sat on ground and was verbally abusive

Ballymena Bus and Rail Centre
Ballymena Bus and Rail Centre

A woman with over 150 convictions who sat on the ground and was verbally abusive after being ordered off a train at Ballymena Railway Station on July 12 this year has been fined £150.

Natasha Nalty (30), whose address was given as Ballycastle Road in Coleraine, admitted a charge of disorderly behaviour arising out of the incident.

A prosecutor said police were called to Ballymena Train Station around 6.20pm after a number of people were reported to be disorderly on a train.

When officers arrived, Nalty shouted and swore loudly and sat on the ground.

Defence solicitor John Murphy said Nalty was returning from a July 12 parade in Belfast and there was a “row on the train” which had “nothing to do with her”.

He said a number of people were put off the train and police called.

Mr Murphy said Nalty wanted to get back on the train to continue on to the north coast.

He said the defendant’s offending had “dramatically reduced” in recent years and the case before the court was one of “verbal disorderly behaviour”.

District Judge Peter King said the defendant had 154 previous convictions.

He said it was clear the defendant was receiving help in the community and he was prepared to view the July 12 incident as a “blip”.

He said Nalty’s behaviour had been “boorish but nothing more than that”.

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