Police found drugs as man slept on sofa

Ballymena Court8
Ballymena Court.

POLICE uncovered drugs as a man slept on a sofa.

Daly Mooney (26), whose address was listed as Henry Street, was detected with morphine, Alprazolam, Buphrenorphine and cannabis in February 2018.

In another incident, in May last year, the defendant had over 40 Xanax tablets.

In the February incident police were called to an unrelated matter and as the defendant slept on a sofa drugs were later found on him.

When interviewed he initially claimed they were not his drugs and “didn’t know how” they were in his possession and that people had been in and out of the address.

However, he subsequently pleaded guilty.

Defence barrister Stephen Law said Mooney had a “troubled past” and at at the time had been living from “pillar to post” but is now off drugs and has a new home which is his “pride and joy”.

He has been “given a lifeline” and is considering enrolling for a HND course, Mr Law told Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said the defendant had a “very poor record” and gave him a six months prison term, suspended for two years.

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