Police issue ‘Egyptian pharaoh’ pills drug death warning


POLICE and the Public Health Agency, on Friday afternoon, announced a joint warning on potential increased risk from pills bearing an ‘Egyptian pharaoh’ logo.

Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton from PSNI’s Organised Crime Unit said: “Following receipt of information from our police colleagues in South Yorkshire Police, PSNI are warning members of the public against taking pills with what is described as an ‘Egyptian pharaoh’s logo’.

“The precise makeup of the pills is yet to be established but they have been linked to and may have played a part in the deaths of two people in Scotland.

“Anyone with any information on these or other suspected drugs in their community should talk with their local police in person or on the police non-emergency number 101. Alternatively people can provide information anonymously through the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, which is 100% anonymous and gives people the power to speak up and stop crime.”

The Public Health Agency’s (PHA) drug and alcohol lead Michael Owen said: “All drugs, whether illegal drugs or prescription medication, carry risks. The PHA strongly recommends that you do not take anything unless it has been prescribed to you by a medical professional and in accordance with your prescription.

“If you have taken drugs or have misused a medication and are feeling unwell, please seek medical help urgently.

“Mixing different types of drugs, or mixing alcohol and drugs, including prescription medication, can be dangerous and should be avoided. It can increase the toxicity of already potentially harmful substances, and increases the risk of serious harm and death.

“Any drug or medicine has the potential to be a poison – there are only three things that differentiate it. Firstly, what is the dose? If you take too much of it you could die. Secondly, what are you taking it for? If it is not clinically prescribed for you, then it could also be lethal. Thirdly, if you are taking it with something else, for example mixing it with alcohol or other drugs, then it could also cost you your life.”

“If you think you might have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs and would like to get help, please visit www.drugsandalcoholni.info for information on support services near you.

“There is also a range of services available to you if you are affected by someone else’s drinking and/or drug misuse – information on these services is also available on this website. These services are available to you regardless of whether or not your loved one is receiving help for his or her alcohol and/or drug problem.”

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