Police issue new appeal for information in bid to crack down on scramblers roaring past play park at Dunclug


Police in Ballymena say they have patrolled play parks and playing fields around Dunvale, Dunclug and Millfield in the town on multiple occasions in a bid to crack down on scrambler riders.

A spokesperson said on Facebook: “Notice how we said ‘playparks and playing fields’ and not ‘scrambler tracks’.

“Yet for the past month at least, several youths have taken to flying around these areas at high speeds with absolutely no thought for the safety of the children and young families who walk and play on these sites daily.

“Police attend every report of antisocial behaviour involving these scramblers as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, but in most occasions the offenders are long gone or far out of reach.

“We need the help of the public to ensure that these scramblers can be taken off the roads and out of the parks as soon as possible.

“Although the public have been prompt in reporting these matters, the majority of the callers that have named specific people and licence plate numbers have wished to remain anonymous, meaning no statement for police and our hands being severely tied in the actions we can take.

“If you see someone on a scrambler acting dangerously, going at high speeds or travelling over public footpaths and grassy areas, please contact police and think seriously about providing us with a statement of complaint if you know who they are.

“Together we can get these scramblers taken away from the idiots who show no regard for the safety of the children in your area,” ended the statement.

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