Police responded to report of ‘drunk with hatchet’ at play park

Ballymena Court3
Ballymena Court.

POLICE received a report a drunk person had a hatchet at a play park in Larne but when police arrested a man he denied having such a weapon but said he had previously been in possession of a hurley bat.

Michael Beggs (21), formerly of Britannia Crescent but now with an address at Glynnview Avenue in Larne, was at Ballymena Magistrates Court for sentencing on charges of being disorderly in the vicinity of Seacliff Road on August 11 last year.

He also admitted resisting a police officer in the execution of his duty and damaging a police vehicle on the same date.

A prosecutor said Beggs had made off from police and when caught he struggled and kicked a police vehicle. He was shouting and swearing and attempted to bite a police officer.

He spat in a police car which cost £104 to clean.

A defence solicitor said the defendant had a clear record.

He said it appeared the police attended the scene in connection with a report of a male walking in the area with a hatchet and when police arrived the defendant did not have a hatchet but said he had previously been in possession of a hurley bat.

The solicitor said the defendant felt he was “unduly picked upon” by police but he has now expressed remorse.

He said Beggs has now dealt with a lot of of his “anti-social demons”.

The defendant was put on Probation for a year and ordered to do 50 hours of unpaid work.

He also had to pay £104 compensation for the police car clean-up.

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