Police rushed to drunk man’s home amid concerns about his safety and then he demanded that officers ‘make him food and find his cigarettes’

Coleraine Courthouse3 - Edited
Coleraine Courthouse

POLICE rushed to a drunk man’s home amid concerns about his safety and after refusing to go to hospital he demanded that officers “make him food” and find his cigarettes before he assaulted a constable.

Stephen Samuel Tannahill (48), of Lisnablagh Road in Coleraine, admitted assaulting an officer on August 9 this year and at Coleraine Magistrates Court he was fined £150.

A prosecutor said on the date in question police were concerned for the defendant’s safety and after going to his home they offered to take him to hospital.

Officers refused the cigarette hunt and food preparation demands saying that was not their job and Tannahill then became aggressive and pushed a policeman against a wall.

Defence barrister Alan Stewart said the defendant had been convicted of assault on police on tendered evidence in Tannahill’s absence previously but he was now admitting the offence.

The lawyer said the defendant had phoned the police looking for the number of ‘Lifeline’ crisis response help line service and as a result six officers had gone to his home.

Mr Stewart said the defendant wished to apologise and it was not believed any injuries had been caused to the officer.

The court was told Tannahill had been drinking three to five bottles of whiskey a week and that he used a wheelchair because of injuries sustained in an accident eight years ago.

Mr Stewart said the defendant understood the police had gone to his home to help him.
The barrister said the court appearance was the first time Tannahill had left his home since last Boxing Day.

Fining the defendant £150, District Judge Liam McNally said that at his age he thought Tannahill would be beginning to “wise up”.

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