Police spotted vehicle with lowered suspension and upon closer inspection it was found to have dangerous defects

Coleraine Courthouse

POLICE spotted a vehicle with lowered suspension entering a filling station at Bushmills Road in Coleraine and when it was taken in for an examination a number of dangerous defects were found.

Thomas Boggs (25) – an architect whose address was given as Killinchy Road in Comber – appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court on October 29 and admitted charges including using a vehicle in a dangerous condition; having a defective tyre and absence of MOT.

The offences came to light on December 12, 2016.

A prosecutor said when the vehicle was further examined the handbrake, rear shock absorber, rear bump stops, rear brake pipe and the drive shaft had defects.

The defendant said he bought the vehicle for £700 and hadn’t serviced it.

Defence solicitor John Murphy said his client co-operated fully with police.

When District Judge Liam McNally heard the defendant worked as an architect, he said: “I presume, now he employed, he is driving a better car” and Mr Murphy confirmed his client was.

The defendant was given three penalty points and fined £225.

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