Police warning after ‘card trapper’ found at ATM in Castle Mall shopping centre in Antrim


Police in Antrim would like to remind people to be vigilant when using an ATM.

A spokesperson said: “We received a report today from an engineer servicing the ATM at the Castle Mall, Antrim, that the card reader had a ‘card-trapping’ device placed inside it.

“Worryingly, the device is extremely hard to detect and was only able to be spotted by the engineer when servicing the ATM.

“It is designed to ‘trap’ the users card in the card reader when the ATM returns it to the user after a transaction. The ATM user may think the card has simply been taken by the machine.

“If the ATM appears to take your card, remain beside the ATM and phone your bank there and then to cancel the card. This ensures that no one can take your card from the reader and use it when you leave.”

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