Rasharkin man ‘given a chance’ in court

Coleraine Court

A judge has said he will give a Rasharkin man a chance to finish 50 remaining hours of unpaid work imposed for possession of cannabis.

Nicholas Esler (26), of Rockview Park, was at Coleraine Magistrates Cout on November 19 for breaching a Community Service Order.

The court heard he was given 75 hours in June this year but had only completed 25 hours.

On a number of occasions he phoned Probation to say he couldn’t do the work because his “mother was ill”.

Defence barrister Michael Smyth said the defendant had not appreciated the significance of warning letters he was receiving from Probation regarding the matter and thought he could just phone up Probation to say he couldn’t make it.

District Judge Peter King said he would adjourn the matter until January to give the defendant a chance to finish the Community Service.

A court in June this year was told police saw smoke coming from the inside of a vehicle in Castlerock at 1am on Friday May 4 this year and when officers approached they could smell cannabis.

There were four people in the vehicle including Esler who admitted possessing cannabis.

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