‘Road rage’ man in convertible car with roof down got out and punched and kicked Audi A5 causing £2,000 worth of damage

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Nutt’s Corner roundabout.

A man who punched and kicked the door of an Audi A5 in a road rage incident causing almost £2,000 worth of damage and leaving the occupants “petrified” has been ordered to do 180 hours of Community Service.

Jason Proctor (43), a security guard from Monree Hill, Donaghcloney, was also fined £300.

The defendant appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday in relation to charges of common assault, criminal damage and driving without reasonable consideration for others during an incident which happened between Antrim town and Nutt’s Corner on May 29 this year.

A prosecutor said a man and his wife were in an Audi A5 and as he approached a roundabout in the wrong lane he indicated to change lane but Proctor, who was in a convertible car with the roof down, sped up and blocked the manoeuvre.

Proctor continued to make “rude hand gestures” while driving along Tully Road and slowed down and sped up and at Nutt’s Corner Roundabout he could be seen “mouthing off” before getting out of his vehicle.

He had both fists clenched and punched the other driver’s window and kicked the driver’s door a number of times causing £1,944.60 worth of damage.

A defence barrister handed in a cheque to the court for the amount of the damage.
He said Proctor “lost his temper” and he said it was accepted it was aggravated by being a “road rage” incident.

The lawyer said the incident had continued along the road and that his client “should have walked away”.

The defence lawyer said Proctor worked as a security guard and at the time of the incident he had been travelling from the Antrim area in connection with his work.

The lawyer said the conviction meant Proctor’s employment was going to be “put in difficulty”.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said Proctor appeared to have “anger management issues”.

He read Victim Impact Statements and said “two innocent” people were left “petrified” by Proctor trying to get into their car.

The judge added: “This was very poor behaviour. You put these two poor people in fear”.

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