DANGER WARNING: Barriers are brought in to Ecos Park after paths flood

img_9151 (1)
One of the ‘path closed’ barriers at the Ecos Park.

BARRIERS are now being put up during times of substantial rainfall at the Ecos Park in Ballymena to warn the public not to use paths when flood water spills over from the River Braid.

Barriers with the message ‘Path closed’ have gone up recently at the Ecos Park and are put in place following heavy rain.

In another move, wooden barriers were put up along parts of the path where the public had potential access to the river.

The pathways are popular with walkers and cyclists.

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Wooden fences have also been put in at the Ecos Park at points where the river can be accessed.

In heavy rain parts of the paths often flood.

One regular user of the park told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “The erection of the barriers is to be welcomed and raises awareness that the paths can flood.

“Sometimes the flooding on the paths can be severe when the Braid floods. I remember one time when the flood water on the paths stretched for distances of hundreds of yards.”

There is also a ‘path liable to flooding’ sign on the St Patrick’s Barracks side of the river beside the Ballykeel 2 footbridge.

img_9133 (1)
Warning signs at the Ecos Park.

A Mid and East Antrim Borough Council spokesperson told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “Council has erected new barriers and signage along sections of the River Braid as winter water levels rise.

“Staff regularly inspect the path along the river banks to monitor flooding and slippage.

“We would urge anyone using the paths along the river to be aware of potential flooding, particularly during heavy rainfall. Council are also launching a water safety campaign.”

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