Sex offender failed to notify police of new address because of ‘serious cognitive difficulties’ says defence lawyer

ColeraineCourt9 - Edited

A SEX offender failed to notify police of his new address in Larne within three days because he had difficulty understanding the instructions due to “serious cognitive difficulties,” a defence lawyer claimed.

Kevin Williamson (25), whose address was given as Galliagh Park, Enniskillen, admitted the notification offence and had his case dealt with at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday.

The matter came to light in the run up to last Christmas.

A prosecutor said at the time Williamson was a registered sex offender who was subject to notification requirements and had three days to register his new address in Larne but only did so after police contacted him after eleven days.

A defence lawyer said his client was a resident in Fermanagh for some years and “presented with some serious cognitive difficulties”.

The lawyer added: “He is borderline learning-disabled and on his release from custody was given the relevant information but his cognitive difficulties meant he didn’t comply.”

The lawyer said it may have been “inadvertent conduct”.

Williamson was given a three months jail sentence.

Ballymena Court also heard that that on Wednesday this week Williamson had been given a 21 months sentence at Dungannon Crown Court of which he will have to serve nine months in custody and the rest on licence.

At Dungannon Court he had been re-sentenced for breaching a Probation Order and was also put on the Sex Offenders’ List for ten years.

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