Silent nights in run up to Christmas at Ballymena Town Hall so clock chimes don’t interfere with panto performances

HUSHED…The Town Hall clock.

BALLYMENA Town Hall clock has fallen silent in the run up to Christmas so the chimes don’t interfere with a panto in the venue…oh yes it has!

The chimes can usually be heard ringing out across the town but for the next week all will be quiet.

However, council chiefs have revealed the chimes will be back in action to herald Christmas Day.

A spokesman for Mid & East Antrim Borough Council said: “The Town Hall chimes will be hushed this year… oh yes they will… so as not to disturb our festive panto performances of Puss in Boots.

“Our council elves have already tied up the ropes and there will be silent nights in Ballymena until the final pantomime performance on 22 December.

“The chimes will be back in action to ring in Christmas.”

Puss in Boots

Ballymena businessman Eugene Diamond said the Town Hall chimes are part of soundtrack of life in the town.

However, he was sure nobody would take offence at them being switched off as long as they are back on to ring in Christmas Day and New Year’ Eve.

He said: “Although it does maybe sound a bit strange not hearing the chimes for a few days it is good that people are enjoying themselves at the Town Hall with the panto.

“However, having said that, I am glad to hear that the chimes will be back on to ring in Christmas Day and the New Year,” added the newsagent.

The Town Hall.

Councillor Audrey Wales, a former mayor, said: “I think people will support the fact that the ‘elves’ have tied up the ropes.

“We don’t want to spoil the panto for the children and I welcome the fact that they will be on again to ring in Christmas Day.

“I would like to wish our citizens a very Happy Christmas and a very happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year”.

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