SLOW NEWS! If you were driving past these signs in Ballymena would you stay below 30mph or 40mph?

Speed limit signs showing different messages on the Toome Road in Ballymena.

MOTORISTS arriving into Ballymena could be forgiven for being confused.

These are speed limit signs on the town’s Toome Road – one saying 30mph and directly across the road, its sister sign says 40mph,

The sign on the left of the photo (going into the town) appears to havebeen rotated 180 degrees.

The speed limit should be 30mph going into the town and 40mph when leaving the town at that stretch.

The person who sent ‘Ballymena Daily’ the photo said: “If you were caught doing between 30mph and 40mph after passing this sign on the way into the town it would be interesting to see how it would pan out with the police and court if it went that far”.

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