Sunflower Festival-goers refill with NI Water

Sunflowerfest 14
Neil McCready with children Ryan, Jack and Olivia from Newtownabbey and NI Water’s Joanne McCandless.

Thousands of people turned out for the three-day Sunflowerfest at Tubby’s Farm, Hillsborough, over the weekend from Friday 27 July to Monday 30 July.

NIWater gve out over 600 reusable water bottles and chatted to campers and visitors about refilling their bottles from the tap, instead of buying a plastic bottle of water.

Sunflowerfest 9
Binder Tohani and Giovanni Saco from Larne with Lisa Crossey, NI Water.

Every bottle refilled means one less bottle of plastic potentially ending up in our oceans, NI Water say.

Sunflowerfest 20
Vivek Tohani from Glengormley with NI Water’s Joanne McCandless.

Visitors to the festival could fill their bottles for free from several refill taps across the site and keep themselves hydrated as the music played.

Sunflowerfest 22
David, Matthew McCready, Owen J Mulvenna and Dan Price from Crumlin with Lisa Crossey, NI Water.

The NI Water team also visited some of the many campsites on the farm, handing out NI Water shopping bags and other items.


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