The most viewed story on ‘Ballymena Daily’ in 2018 is revealed

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This was the most viewed story of 2018 on the Ballymena Daily website.

‘BALLYMENA Daily’ has been taking a look back at the most viewed stories on our website since we started in the spring of 2018.

The biggest story concerned an issue which dominated the news in the town for much of the latter part of the year.

Our exclusive picture (see above) showed police on stand-by in September amid speculation that protesters were going to picket a weekly bus service which was bringing foreign nationals to the town.

No protesters turned up on that occasion but the issue of aspects of foreign migration led to public meetings in Ballymena.


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Most viewed stories of 2018 on ‘Ballymena Daily’.

  1. Police monitor Ballymena car park after calls on social media for ‘protest’ against foreign nationals arriving in town.
  2. Boy (17) appears at Ballymena Court accused of sexual offences against five teenage girls.
  3. Four people arrested after disturbance on a Ballymena street have been released on bail pending further enquiries.

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