They’re back! – Controversial flower containers return to Ballymena town centre

FLOWER POWER…The metal planters being moved back into place.

BALLYMENA’S controversial metal flower planters are back!

They were taken off the streets earlier this year for re-planting.

And despite it being winter, they are back on the streets and planted up.

TAKING ROOT AGAIN…The flower containers are back.

The large flower containers which were a distinctive feature of the new public realm scheme in Ballymena became a big talking point when they disappeared for a number of months.

Around 25 of the large containers appeared in Ballymena town centre in recent years and when in full bloom with flowers many people said they made an eye-catching addition.

unsightly flower
One of the containers pictured in the past with litter not flowers.

However, out of season many residents felt the planters were ugly looking without flowers and just became dumping grounds for rubbish.

Some people even referred to the planters as “skips”.

When they were taken off the streets in the autumn, Mid & East Antrim Borough Council said it was so they could be re-planted.

Some people wondered why the planters could not have been left in place to be replanted.

A Mid & East Antrim Borough Council spokesperson had told ‘Ballymena Daily’ in October: “The planters have been taken to a council storage facility. They are being replanted and will be returned to the town centre.”

A Council spokesperson told ‘Ballymena Daily’ this week: “The flower pots around the town have been replanted with winter hardy plants from our own nurseries, including Pansies.

“The bulbs for spring have also been planted, which we’re excited to see flower as the weather turns.

“Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is well known for its award winning outdoor spaces and we hope the high street enjoys a bit of winter colour this festive season.”

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