‘Tired’ reveller claims he was handed £200 of cocaine at night club

ColeraineCourt7 - Edited
A Larne man claims that after he passed comment to another man about “how tired” he was he was then given a bag containing £200 worth of cocaine and told to give it back but he was nabbed by door staff.

Aaron Houston (27), of Drumnahoe Manor, was charged with possessing the Class A drug with intent to supply in relation to November 25 last year.

Coleraine Magistrates Court heard that during a follow-up search over £1,000 in cash was found at the defendant’s home.

Previously, as part of bail conditions, the defendant had been banned from entering Kelly’s nightclub in Portrush.

Defence barrister Michael Smyth claimed the intent to supply charge concerned the defendant intending to give the bag back to its “rightful owner” and he said the money was holiday savings.

The lawyer said that after encountering another person he had passed comment about how tired he was and he had been handed a £200 bag of cocaine and told to take some and give it back but when door staff spotted what was going on the other man “scarpered”.

Deputy District Judge Peter Magill told the defendant that if he thought for one moment he was selling drugs in Kelly’s or anywhere else he would be jailed.

The judge noted the defendant had a previously clear record and he was in employment and had pleaded guilty.

Handing down a three months jail term, suspended for two years, Judge Magill told Houston: “I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that this was not somebody selling drugs”.

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