Traffic pile-ups as ice caused rush hour chaos

A picture from the scene. Posted on PSNI Facebook page.

VEHICLES were involved in pile-ups as early evening ice caused rush hour roads chaos near Larne today.

Heavy rain followed by heavy hail and low temperatures resulted in conditions on the A8 becoming very poor this afternoon with ice on the road.

The Ballymena PSNI Facebook page said: “Police from our Local Policing Team, Neighbourhood Policing Team, Roads Policing and Motorway crews were all called into action.

“Theses officers came from Larne, Ballymena, Carrickfergus, Newtownabbey and Antrim.

“On top of this we had our Comms dispatchers working overdrive to control the crews, make phone calls to our partner agencies as well as deal with the incoming calls from the public.

“There were reports of multiple road traffic accidents in the area. The first report was 15 vehicle damage only, just as crews were arriving to this there was reports of 11 vehicles involved in an injury collision.

“Thankfully the numbers involved were not quite that high and there are no serious injuries, but there was still a lot of vehicles involved and a big police response to deal with it. On top of this we had a couple of other accidents on a smaller scale.

“It was a massive effort by all to get the roads open and traffic moving again. While all this was going on we were also trying to keep going with our normal calls for service which included two ongoing domestic incidents and a missing person.

“While our crews and staff catch their breath and dry off and get back to the normal calls for service, please take the opportunity to check your cars are winter ready.

“Check your tyres, lights, wipers and screen wash. Also keep in mind that days are shorter and the temperature are dropping so adjust your driving conditions accordingly!”

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