Trains stopped running after skip lorry caused ‘pieces of concrete’ to fall from railway bridge

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The railway bridge at Toome Road, Ballymena. Picture – Google.

TRAINS had to be stopped for a time after a skip lorry caused concrete to tumble from a railway bridge in County Antrim, a court has heard.

Liam Gerard Logan (45), whose address was given as Parklands in Ballymena, was driving a skip lorry at Toome Road on the outskirts of the town on December 18 last year when he collided with the bridge.

The court heard “some pieces of concrete” fell and the damage was estimated at between £500-£1,000.

On Thursday at Ballymena Magistrates Court, a prosecutor said trains had to be stopped for a period of time and when they did start up again they ran for another period at a reduced speed of 5mph.

She said off-duty police officers were passing and came across the incident.

A defence solicitor said the lorry struck a chevron sign and “scraped” the bottom of the bridge.

He said he visited the scene and because of other drivers hitting the bridge “there are so many strike marks you wouldn’t know where to start”.

The lawyer said the accident involved a skip lorry and the driver thought “the suspension of the lorry did a jump as he travelled under the bridge”.

The solicitor said the defendant had travelled along the road in a skip lorry many times without incident.

The defendant had pleaded guilty to a charge of driving without care and attention.

The defendant was given six penalty points and fined £300.

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