‘Trumpet’ heralded Larne woman’s sentence in Ballymena Court

Ballymena Court

A LARNE woman lifted a pair of curtains from an aisle in a store in the town and took them to a till claiming she had previously bought them and wanted a refund.

Then Louise Todd (40), of Blackthorn Rise, Larne, then walked out of Home Bargains in November last year with the £70 curtains.

At Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday June 14 it was heard the defendant has now changed her surname, by deed poll, to Wright.

Her sentence had been deferred from a previous date.

Just before her sentence was delivered at Thursday’s Court a mobile phone ringtone in the sound of a trumpet herald rang out in the public gallery.

That prompted District Judge Nigel Broderick to warn that the next time it happened the person would go to the cells and he advised people to switch off their phones.

Todd was put on Probation for a year and ordered to do 60 hours of Community Service.

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