TUV council candidate calls on ‘inconsiderate’ pet owners to help stamp out dog dirt at Ecos Park

Phil Gordon.

PHIL Gordon, a TUV candidate in the Ballymena District Electoral Area in the forthcoming Local Government Election, has called on pet owners to help stamp out dog fouling in the town’s Ecos Park.

In a statement to ‘Ballymena Daily’, Mr Gordon said: “I have been approached by numerous members of the public with regards the issue of dog foul being left on paths throughout Ballykeel and the ECOS. On Friday past I walked round the areas to see for myself the extent of the problem.

“I was disappointed to find significant amounts of dog foul that had not been cleaned up by dog owners. I have reported this instances to Council for clean-up, and unfortunately this is paid for by the ratepayers.

“It is simply irresponsible and disrespectful to other users of the park and footpaths not to take a couple of minutes of your time to clean up after your dog. Parents and children walk these routes on their journey to and from school, they should not have to navigate around dog foul.

“Similarly, the ECOS paths are used by many people daily like other dog walkers, families and nature lovers. Not forgetting those into fitness as it makes up part of our highway to health route and hosts the park run on Saturday mornings.

“I have enquired about getting extra dog foul bins and notices put in strategic locations throughout the area and I hope this will reduce the problem.

“Additionally, I would ask if anyone sees dog foul left on paths I would encourage them to report it. This can be easily done by downloading the ‘Binovation’ app on your phone.

“This app allows you to keep up to date regarding your household waste and also allows you to report graffiti, dog foul and litter issues. It takes no more than 2 minutes to report and can be done anonymously.

“Finally, I would ask all dog owners to be considerate of others and take responsibility for your pet.”

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