What has happened to the ‘Train and Bus Station’ sign?

screenshot 2019-01-16 at 1.10.33 pm
The Train and Bus Station sign was removed but has yet to be replaced.

LOCALS are wondering what has happened to a sign at Broadway in Ballymena which pointed people in the direction of Ballymena Bus & Rail Centre.

Last October it was noted the sign said it would take just ‘five minutes’ to get from Broadway to the station.

Local people questioned the accuracy of the time and said it would be impossible to walk, or even run, the distance in five minutes.

The sign – and another one which said Broadway was ‘four minutes’ away despite being in Broadway – was subsequently removed.

The sign referring to Broadway is back already without a time estimate, as Ballymena Daily reported on recently.

However, the bus and rail centre sign has not been replaced yet.


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